Finally there…

Okay folks, it’s time for the last post before HER GAME, HIS RULES goes into press…

A song for the moment?

It’s still a week until the release as I sit here and write this, but I’m facing a very busy week where I have to spend a few days in hospital with my ten-year-old, so I think it’s okay to do this now.

Her Game, His Rules has become something like my second baby. I started writing the first draft on a one-week vacation in Tunisia in 2009. Ten pages, hand written. I finished the story within one year, revised twice, then kicked it to the trash and started from scratch again. The final edition is a far cry from the original, and this one time I hope to get away with a little self-praise when I say, I’m majorly proud of myself.

Crafting out the characters was like finding new friends. I talked to them in my mind and listened carefully how they would reply. I saw them act like no one else ever will, even though I put hard work into trying to make you all see…

I’ve grown fond of Jona and Julian, and on a childlike fantastical note I hope they will become real in a different dimension. On a collective level of thinking. In all the readers’ minds.

Here’s to my debut novel. May you all enjoy!

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