The Next Best Thing Challenge…

I was tagged by Georgia Lyn Hunter to do The Next Best Thing Challenge.

Here’s how it works:

  • Answer the 10 questions below
  • Spread the fun and tag other writers to participate.

What is the title of your book / WIP?

Her Game, His Rules

Where did the idea for this book come from?

I met a young man in London a few years ago. He was very special to me and he had the most angelic hands imaginable.

What genre would your book fall under?

Paranormal YA romance

Which actors would you choose to play your characters in a movie rendition?

Who of you remembers the TV show The Gilmore Girls? Rory Gilmore in her late teens would have been the perfect Jona. For Julian? Honestly, I have no idea… If you know someone, tell me! 😉

What is the one sentence synopsis of your book?

Help came with the most gorgeous face she could imagine.

Is your book published or represented?

It will be released on September 8th by Black Opal Books.

How long did it take you to write it?

About 10 months.

What other books in your genre would you compare it to?

There is a little bit of Hush, Hush (Becca Fitzpatrick) in it mixed with The Last Song (Nocholas Sparks).

Which authors inspired you to write this book?

No author inspired this particular book. However, in general I’m inspired by L.J.Smith, Kerrelyn Sparks, Sherrilyn Kenyon, Becca Fitzpatrick, and Stepheny Meyer.

Tell us anything else that might pique our interest in your book.

I won’t say much. But I’ll give you a sneak peek into one of my favorite scenes.

“Who says I don’t have a girlfriend?” Julian whispered over my shoulder, into my ear. Jeez, the feeling of his arms wrapped so tightly around me…

“Well…you. I mean, you said you weren’t my mother’s lover. And I don’t see any other girls around.” I bit my lip. Shit. There was probably another woman waiting for him somewhere. Someone nice and young, not god-awful like the dragon. When I spoke next, my voice sounded anything but confident. “So, do you?”

“No.” He dragged out the word and laughed softly.

This really shouldn’t make me so happy, damnit. The pounding of my heart annoyed me something awful. Especially when he must’ve caught it with my ribcage pressed so snugly against his chest. And a firm chest it was. “See, that might be different if you were a little nicer to girls to begin with.”

“It might,” he breathed against my skin, his face suddenly too close. “And yet, here I stand, holding you in my arms after only three days.”

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