An idea was born

I had a very interesting birthday last weekend. Let me tell about it…

So, what’s playing?

The day before my birthday, I participated in a Zumba flash-mob during an event in town. All the excitement before must have busted my brains free, because that night I was struck by a few very interesting ideas. One was the plotline to a novella, which I started two days ago, and now I’m already 10,000 words into the high school drama.

The other idea was inspired by a little notebook and pen my best friend gave me strike midnight of my birthday. I love pretty books. I hoard them in my room, always hoping that the right time will come and I can actually fill them with words. But mostly they stay empty. However, when I opened this new little book, I thought it would be nice to have other people fill it for me. People all around the world. And there…a romantic project was borne. Tomorrow, I’m going to send three of those books out to totally random persons. Read below what they will see when they open it.


My name is Piper Shelly, and this is an experiment.

I’m a romance author, thus I live for good, romantic stories. This little book shall become a collection of precious romantic moments of a global experience. There are a few simple rules which I ask you to follow to make this lovely little project a success.

Whoever gives this book to you, please don’t refuse, even if you decide you don’t want to share your moment. I ask that you then pass the book on to someone else. Any random person. Tell them they’ll find all the important information on the first page. Add a smile…maybe a please.

The main idea is to make this book reach as many people as possible in as many places—all over the world, if possible. If you’re going on vacation, or visiting a friend across the country, take it with you and pass it on to someone on the train or a stranger at your destination. Don’t give it to every member in your family as this would narrow the field pretty much.

If you’re game, then here’s the idea:

Think of one special moment in your life, relating to your first real love, the first moment you saw him or her, your first date or asking the one out for a date, even the first kiss maybe. It doesn’t really matter what, only that it made your heart pound like mad and your eyes spark with excitement. The magic of that first time… put it on paper.

Write down how you remember it. If you need one page or several is up to you. But for the simple reason to make this a huge collection, please try to keep it under ten pages.

Don’t keep this book longer than five days.

Sign the text with whatever you like. First name, first and last, nickname, triple X, or pseudonym. I only ask you for one thing. Once you’re done, send me an e-mail and let me know another person has added a special moment. I’ll put up a page on my website, too, where you can—if you want—post the same story in a comment. I hope for many entries. It’s your choice if you want to make it public on my site, but be aware that the original book will be open to anyone. For that reason you have to be above eighteen if you want to join in the experiment.

I ask the one who fills the last page to please wrap the book up afterwards and send it back to me. I’ll give you return instructions on e-mail.

Thank you for taking part in this romantic project!

And now, that everything is said and done, I wish you a wonderful time remembering a very special moment in your life. May it make you smile!



If you want to be part of this EXPERIMENT online, feel warmly invited!

One thought on “An idea was born

  1. This sounds so cool. Like a not in a bottle, yet it will be in a book. My daughter and her friends do this. They write a piece of a sto, then pass on the book. Once it is returned the story is written through the eyes of 10 girls. She thy have written some amazing, and pretty crazy stories.

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