Moving too little – writing too…well a little more

Today I’m telling you a thing or two about me that border on personal.

But first, what’s playing?

In times of online orders and where the costs for gasoline, however high they are at the moment, still allow you to get your groceries with your car, no one’s really surprised about the mass gaining weight. Or, no one should be. If you have a job like mine, accountant in the morning and writer for the rest of the day, you’ve been dealt with a double-tough hand. I sit on my ass for more than ten hours every day. Where in that time, I want to know, should I be able to do enough sports to shape my body to size XS?

That is impossible.

The little I walk is when I need a loo break, or when the postman delivers a package and I have to fly down the stairs to accept it. It takes me seven minutes to get to work and seven minutes to go back again. Not exactly a marathon, you know.

But then, I have to say I’m lucky I finally found my balance. About a year ago, and after nagging me for several months, my friend dragged me to a Zumba class. Some of you probably haven’t even heard of that yet, and in that case I strongly suggest you Google it and then try it yourself. Zumba basically is dance aerobic to Latin-American music. The louder the better, and you do it without a dance partner. In that one hour, where we jump and shake to the spicy rhythms, I can shut down my mind completely, step away from being a writer, and get grounded by just moving. And yes, I dance to songs like the one above, which you should be listening to as you read this, by the way.

During the past year, where I went to the local Zumba class two evenings a week, I got a whole new feeling for my own body and even lost some pounds. I’m loaded with new energy every time I get home. Energy that I can pour into writing as soon as the next morning breaks. And, frankly, how can it get better than that? 😉

Written with Zumba love.

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